5 Best Synthetic Urine Brands That Will Guarantee You Pass Your Drug Test

Adrian Bennett

By Dr. Adrian Bennett

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology

Updated on 2024 May 30

We will guide you on what to genuinely consider when selecting the best synthetic urine for passing a drug test.

Everything shared here is grounded in real-life experience.

And, of course, we’ll provide a list of high-quality fake urine kits to suit different budgets.

Additionally, we’ll walk you through how to keep the urine at the right temperature and how to use it step by step without getting caught.

Understanding the drug testing procedure is crucial before we delve into the details of choosing synthetic urine.

Knowing the process helps you figure out how you’ll use the product and what to look for in a product.

If you’re already familiar with the drug testing process, feel free to skip ahead by clicking here.

What to expect from a drug testing procedure

Upon arrival at the testing facility, you will be guided to empty your pockets and remove items such as your jacket, hat, and any extraneous clothing.

This step is integral to ensure there are no hidden items that could potentially interfere with the accuracy of the test.

If there are any substances or tools for concealing synthetic urine, they will need to be set aside.

drug test inspection

While a thorough pat-down is not part of the protocol, the collector will lightly inspect your personal belongings like your wallet to ascertain there are no items that could adulterate the sample, for instance, eyedrops, chapstick, or contact cases.

It’s advisable to leave these items behind.

Eyedrop bottles, known as common vessels for carrying synthetic urine, are especially discouraged.

Should the collector identify any suspicious items, you will then be required to provide your sample under direct observation.

Following this, a thorough hand wash is mandated to eliminate any substances from your nails that could alter the sample.

Prepare with a ready urine sample and a discrete method of transportation that will not be flagged during this initial inspection process.

Below, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to conceal urine on your body to avoid getting caught.

Proceeding this, you’ll be ushered to a secluded room within the bathroom.

Sample collection

The testing bathroom is meticulously prepared to deter any attempts at tampering with the sample.

Sink handles are removed to prevent water access that could dilute the sample, and toilet tanks are sealed for the same rationale.

Excess items like soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, and paper towels are absent. A specialized blue agent in the toilet bowl deters usage of toilet water for adulteration.

Handwashing post-collection is not an option here, hence, ensure your urine sample is pre-mixed or can be readied before you enter as water access is restricted.

drug test bathroom setup

Your task now is to urinate in a cup and pass it to the collector.

Though they won’t be watching you, their position by the door allows them to listen for normal urination sounds.

Their adept experience grants them the ability to detect anomalies.

A urine kit mimicking the natural sound of urination might serve well here.

Sample submission

After the collection, you’ll hand the cup to the collector for assessment.

They will examine the temperature and color of the urine. Discrepancies in temperature or an unnatural color will necessitate a re-sample under direct observation.

drug test urine visual inspection

Any suspicion of cheating at any step could trigger a monitored re-sample, hence the importance of a seamless process.

A reliable method to keep your synthetic urine warm is crucial, as incorrect temperature is a common culprit for failed attempts at passing the test using synthetic urine.

Later in this post, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to keep the urine warm and avoid getting caught.

So, what should you look for in a synthetic urine kit?

Quality of urine

It goes without saying, but the first thing to check is the quality of the synthetic urine.

It needs to be high-quality to pass both the visual and validity checks. While most synthetic urines on the market are of similar quality and can pass these checks, we advise against opting for cheap brands.

These brands often cut costs on urine production, which can result in low-quality urine, leading to a failed validity check.

Premixed vs powdered urine

sub solution vs quick luck

Synthetic urine is available in two forms: premixed in a bottle and powdered.

Powdered urine needs to be mixed with clean water before you enter the drug testing facility, as you will have no access to water there.

Therefore, consider whether this is suitable for you.

There’s no actual difference between these two types of synthetic urine, although powdered urine is easier to store.

Premixed urine usually comes in a bottle with enough volume for two uses.

However, once you open the bottle, bacteria can grow, so it’s essential to freeze the remaining urine if you plan to use it later.

Heat source

As previously mentioned, incorrect temperature is a primary reason why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine. There are four heat source options available:

Body heat

You can place the bottle of urine close to your body, like in the crotch area or in a bra, to heat it to the required temperature. This process takes about an hour on average.

Although this option can save some money and allows you to get synthetic urine without a heating option, all high-quality synthetic urines include heating methods.

We don’t recommend getting synthetic urine without heating options as we didn’t find any reliable ones without this feature.

Heat pads / hand warmers

This is the most common option for maintaining the urine temperature. Special pads with chemical elements activate when opened, producing heat to warm up the urine.

This option is reliable and affordable.

The best synthetic urine kits include pads with a sticky side, eliminating the need for rubber bands to attach the pad to the bottle.

It’s best if the kit includes pads that produce the exact amount of heat required (92-100°F) without overheating the urine.

Some cheaper brands use low-quality pads or usual hand warmers that produce excessive heat, which can overheat the urine.

We’ll discuss what to do if you accidentally overheat the urine later.

Heat activator powder

sob solution heating powder

Some urine kits include heat activator powder. This powder heats the urine within seconds when added, although it requires some time to open the vial, add the powder, and check the temperature.

While it’s not suitable for adjusting the temperature in the testing bathroom, it’s great for preheating the urine before hiding it on your body.

This feature could be useful if you learn about a random test happening in an hour.

We’ll discuss other preheating methods in later sections.

Electric heater

There is a kit on the market that uses an electric heating device to keep the urine warm, which is highly convenient.

You simply turn it on, and it warms up the urine and maintains its temperature automatically. However, it’s bulky, expensive, and requires batteries.

You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons.

We’ll provide a detailed review of this device in later sections.

Temperature strip

warm urine temperature strip

Another feature to look for is a temperature strip, which helps you ensure the right temperature before pouring the urine into a test cup.

Look for urine kits with a temperature strip on the bottle, or if you buy powdered synthetic urine separately, buy a bottle with a temperature strip.

This strip will display the urine’s temperature, giving you confidence when submitting it.

Sneaking method

Consider how you will sneak the urine into the drug testing facility, as you’ll be required to empty your pockets.

You could place the bottle in your crotch area or bra, although this might be uncomfortable.

Some synthetic urine kits come with stealth belts, which are discreet elastic belts housing urine bags that you wear around your waist.

This is the most convenient method, although these belts are more expensive.

Alternatively, you can use devices like stash leg belts or stash boxers, which have discreet pockets for holding the urine bottle.

We’ll review such devices in later sections.


It might not be obvious, but the synthetic urine kit should offer a convenient way to pour the urine into a test cup.

You don’t want to spend too much time in the testing bathroom fumbling with the urine bottle, unscrewing the cap, and screwing it back on.

Being nervous in the testing bathroom is common, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally spill the urine.

Additionally, spending too much time in the bathroom could arouse suspicion, and the collector might request a sample under direct observation.

Look for kits with features like pop-up bottle caps or tubes with clips (used in urine belts) to facilitate a smooth submission process.

Robust design

Lastly, ensure the urine bottle or bag doesn’t leak, as you wouldn’t want to spill urine all over your clothes.

It’s best to inspect the kit in a store, but if that’s not an option, opt for online brands with good reviews and proven reliability.

The brands we’ve selected in this list have proven to be reliable and leak-proof.

The best 5 synthetic urine brands you can trust

In this list, we have selected products that only contain high-quality synthetic urine, ensuring they pass all validity checks and are drug-free.

All urines included in this list are identical to real human urine in appearance, smell, and even foam.

All the products on this list have garnered many positive reviews and have a proven track record of effectiveness.

We have selected products that offer different heating options and methods to discreetly transport them to the drug test facility, allowing you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Incognito Belt

incognito belt contents

The Incognito Belt is essentially a urine bag on a belt. It’s discreet and undetectable, allowing for a hidden placement on the body that cannot be discovered by collectors.

It’s designed for ease of sneaking into a drug test facility. The Velcro adjustable discreet belt is versatile, fitting waist sizes up to 48 inches, making it suitable for both males and females.

The belt already contains enough urine for two uses, so there’s no need to buy synthetic urine separately. The synthetic urine provided is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to pass visual and lab checks.

incognito belt on a waist placed discreet

Keeping urine in the belt on your waist allows for maintaining the warmth of the urine, crucial for a drug test.

Additionally, it comes with two high-quality heating pads that are easy to use for keeping the temperature within range, without burning your skin or overheating the urine. A temperature strip is attached to the bladder bag for any time temperature checks.

The construction is impeccable to prevent any leaks in your pants.

A rubber tube and convenient clip are included to easily deliver the urine and mimic the sound of urination, with a second clip providing a backup solution to prevent accidental spills.

Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the whole process step by step, making it easy to use.

The Incognito Belt has been successfully aiding individuals in passing drug tests since 2003, so it’s a reliable choice.

Although priced a bit high at $130, the value is justified as you get synthetic urine for two uses, a discreet solution to sneak it into a drug test, and heating pads.

Purchasing these items separately may result in an even higher price.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

clear choice quick luck synthetic urine

The most superior formula on the market, based on over 16 years of lab research, Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is sure to pass visual inspection, validity, and drug tests.

Already premixed, it is ready for use on short notice. Each package contains enough urine for two uses, enabling you to use it for passing two separate tests.

The urine bottle features a switch flow spout making it extremely easy to pour the urine into the testing cup without having to unscrew the cap. Completely leakproof, the urine bottle ensures no spillage in your pocket.

The small size of the bottle makes it easy to hide on your body between your legs, in the crotch area or in a bra, allowing discreet entry into a drug testing facility.

This product comes with heating powder that will preheat the urine within seconds. Included are two heat pads that can keep the urine warm for up to 10 hours.

These heat pads are specifically designed for use with synthetic urine and produce the exact amount of heat required to keep the urine at the right temperature for a drug test.

The heat pads have a sticky side eliminating the need for rubber bands to attach the pads to the urine bottle. Rest assured, the heating pads will not overheat the urine.

The package also includes a temperature strip attached to the bottle, so you can easily check if the urine temperature is within the normal range.

Detailed instructions are provided to guide you step by step, making the use of this synthetic urine a breeze.

This product is unisex and suitable for both male and female use. It boasts up to a 2-year shelf life, allowing you to store it for future drug tests. Plus, it can be frozen and reheated multiple times without losing its effectiveness.


Securing a hiding solution for the bottle is necessary, thus you may need to purchase a stash leg belt or stash boxers.

Alternatively, you can hide it in your crotch area or bra.

The price of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is $105.

Sub Solution

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine

Sub Solution is a powdered synthetic urine product that’s easy to store.

It is marketed as the best synthetic urine formula on the market, passing all tests, and is unisex for both male and female use.

While this kit lacks certain features like heating pads, it compensates with a lower price point.

It’s ideal for individuals who already possess heating pads and a discreet method to hide a urine bottle on the body.

The Sub Solution comes with a patented heat activator, enabling users to warm the urine temperature to the required level in seconds.

A temperature strip is attached to the bottle for easy temperature checks.

The urine bottle features a switch flow spout eliminating the need to unscrew the cap to submit the sample.

It’s leak-proof to ensure no spills occur in your pocket, and its compact size makes it easy to hide on the body and sneak into the drug testing facility.

It contains enough urine for two uses, and once prepared, the urine can be frozen and reheated multiple times.

On the downside, preparation is required before heading to the drug testing facility. A reliable method to keep it warm and to sneak it on the body is also needed.

The price of the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is $90.

Test Clear Powdered Urine

testclear powdered urine contents

Test Clear Powdered Urine serves as an economical option for those who require synthetic urine for just one use and have a method to discreetly transport it to the drug testing facility.

It’s in powdered form, thus preparation is required ahead of the drug testing facility visit, making it not a good option for random drug tests.

The urine formula is robust, passing all tests including visual inspection, validity, and drug tests.

Although priced affordably, it only contains enough urine for one use, whereas more expensive urines offer enough for two uses.

The package comes with a heating pad to warm the urine to body temperature and a temperature strip for easy temperature checking before submitting.

The price of Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit is $50.


The Urinator is unnoticeable under clothes when worn around your waist and is incredibly discreet.

Unlike other products, it utilizes an electronic heating device to maintain the temperature, ensuring the urine stays at the required temperature without the need for heating pads.

It features a liquid crystal thermometer for easy temperature checks, a computerized digital controller that automatically maintains the correct temperature of the urine in the bag, and a safe design where all elements are sealed to prevent electrical shorting.

The Urinator can keep the temperature stable for up to four hours, providing ample time to pass your test.

It includes thermal insulating mini-blanket and an IV bag designed to contain the heat, feel comfortable, and prevent the user’s skin from burning.

Included in the package are two powdered synthetic urine samples sufficient for two uses.

A syringe is provided for easy refilling of the bag with synthetic urine or someone else’s clear urine, theoretically allowing for an unlimited number of uses.

The easy-to-use clamp controls the flow of synthetic urine.

Despite its high price of $190, the Urinator can be used multiple times if necessary, albeit it’s a bit bulky due to the extra space needed for batteries. Batteries are not included and need to be bought separately.

How to keep synthetic urine warm

Now that you’ve understood which synthetic urine kit you want, let’s talk about how to keep it warm.

We created a detailed step-by-step guide on it, which you can read by following this link. However, we’ll cover the main aspects here too.

The acceptable urine temperature for a drug test is between 90°F to 100°F (32°C to 38°C).

If the temperature of the urine is outside that range, there’s reason to believe the donor may have altered (e.g., adulterated or diluted) or substituted the specimen.

In this case, you will be required to pee in a cup under direct observation.

The steps you need to do to heat urine to that temperature depend on how you stored the urine. Let’s assume that you have frozen urine and you need to get it to body temperature and maintain it.

So your steps will be: unfreeze, pre-heat, and keep it warm.

Let’s cover all these steps.

How to unfreeze the urine

To unfreeze the urine, you can leave it for about an hour at room temperature. That should be enough for a 3oz bottle of urine. If you need to unfreeze it quicker, you can put the bottle with the urine in the microwave.

Use 10-second intervals to unfreeze the urine and don’t overheat it. After each interval, open the microwave and check the bottle to see if there’s any ice present. Another option is to place the bottle in warm water, which will help to thaw the urine faster.

How to pre-heat the urine

Pre-heating the urine is optional and is required when you don’t have enough time.

Heating urine with heat pads or body heat can take about an hour, so if you don’t have that time, it’s better to pre-heat the urine.

You can do that by placing the urine bottle into the microwave.

Use 10-second intervals and check the temperature strip after each interval. When it shows the required temperature, you are ready.

WARNING: never put urine belts like the Incognito belt into the microwave. It can damage the urine bag and result in spilling the urine over your microwave.

The last option to pre-heat the urine is to use a heat activator powder.

  • Carefully add 1/3 of the heat activator into the mixing container.
  • If the temperature on the strip indicates a solution temperature of 88°F to 92°F, then we recommend that you only add 1/4 of the heat activator into the mixing.
  • Gently shake the contents to completely dissolve the heat activator, which usually takes less than 20 seconds.
  • After the heat activator granules have completely dissolved, read the temperature strip to ensure that the solution is within the required temperature range of 94°F to 100°F (indicated in green).

How to keep urine warm for a drug test

If you are using heat pads, just open the pad, activate it, and stick it to the urine bottle. Stick it to the opposite side of the temperature strip, contrary to how it is done in the image below. Then put the bottle into your stash pocket on a belt or in your trousers, and you are ready.

quick luck with heat pad attached

If you are using the Incognito belt, just stick the pad to the urine bag the same way – on the opposite side of the temperature strip.

If you are using the Urinator, just attach the batteries and turn it on – you are ready to go.

Remember that if you didn’t preheat the urine, it will take about an hour to warm it to the required temperature using a heat pad or body temperature.

What to do if you overheated the urine

In this case, let it sit and cool down for several minutes.

Remember to check the temperature strip. When the temperature is as required,

How long does fake urine last once heated?

The length of time synthetic urine lasts once heated depends on the temperature outside.

The colder it is outside, the faster synthetic urine will cool down. Therefore, it’s best to keep it close to the body to keep it warm for longer.

Can you reheat fake pee?

Yes, you can reheat synthetic urine as many times as possible. However, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you must avoid overheating the urine.

How to sneak fake pee into a drug test

The quality of the urine and its temperature won’t matter if the drug test collector finds the bottle with the urine during the inspection.

So the most essential step is to place synthetic urine discreetly on your body.

Here are some popular fake pee holders to conceal the urine sample:


For women, hiding the urine bottle in your bra is an option.

Here’s how:

  • Place the urine bottle at the side of your bra cup or in a pocket of a sports bra.
  • Make sure the bottle is secure and won’t move around.
  • Wear a shirt that is loose enough to conceal the bulge but tight enough to keep the bottle in place.

Scrotch area

This method is akin to the previous one, where you need to place the bottle in the crotch area of your pants.

However, this method is not recommended as it makes walking with the bottle in your pants inconvenient.

Using Stealth / Incognito Belt

Utilizing an Incognito Belt or Urinator is another option.

incognito belt on a waist placed discreet

These are placed discreetly around your waist and cannot be noticed under clothes.

This is among the most discreet, reliable, and convenient methods to sneak fake urine into the drug test.

Stash leg belt or stash boxers

Another option is to use a stash leg belt or stash boxers, which are undergarments with a pocket designed to hold small items.

stash leg belt on thigh

To use these, follow these steps:

  • Place the urine bottle in the pocket of the stash leg belt or stash boxers.
  • Adjust the position to ensure it’s discreet and won’t be detected during the drug test.
  • Wear baggy pants or shorts to conceal the bulge.

Baggy clothes

Regardless of which method you choose to hide the urine, wearing baggy clothes is essential to conceal any bulges or bumps.

A loose-fitting shirt or sweater can also help hide the urine sample.

Remember, keeping the urine sample close to your body is crucial to maintain the correct temperature.

If the temperature is too low or too high, it could raise suspicion and lead to a failed drug test.


If you’re in search of an all-inclusive solution, we recommend the Incognito Belt. It’s discreet, comes with reliable heating options, and includes enough urine for up to two uses, making it a definitive winner.

The Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit is a stellar option if you have a way to conceal the bottle on your body. It comes with a reliable heating option and enough urine for two uses.

Lastly, Sub Solution and Test Clear Powdered Urine are the go-to choices for those on a budget.

What about using someone else urine?

Using someone else’s urine for a drug test is not recommended due to the many risks involved.

While some may believe it is a simple solution to pass a drug test, there are several reasons why this is not a reliable or effective method.

Human urine can spoil quickly, even if kept in a fridge, and it may contain drugs that the person is unaware of.

Additionally, it must be submitted within the correct temperature range, which can be difficult to achieve without a heating pad or device. So you still need a reliable heating option and a way to sneak it in.

Finally, synthetic urine costs are relatively low compared to the potential consequences of getting caught.

Therefore, it is best to avoid the cheap shortcut of using someone else’s urine and consider alternative options.

Avoid low-quality urines

When it comes to synthetic urine, not all brands are created equal. Poor-quality synthetic urine can lead to disastrous consequences, such as failing a drug test, getting fired from a job, or losing a professional license.

Here are some things to keep in mind when assessing the quality of synthetic urine.

Signs of poor quality synthetic urine

Low price

Price can be a strong indicator of the quality of synthetic urine. If the price of the urine is below $50, the manufacturer has likely reduced its quality to offer such a low price.

Cheaper products tend to have a higher chance of failing a drug test.

Substandard packaging

Packaging is another clue to the quality of synthetic urine. If a brand does not invest in high-quality packaging, it’s possible they are cutting corners elsewhere as well.

Judging a book by its cover might not always be wise, but it’s important to exercise caution regarding synthetic urine.

Accessible from third-party websites

It’s always best to purchase synthetic urine kits from reputable firms or brands specializing in these items.

The legitimacy of the kits sold on third-party websites like Amazon or eBay cannot always be trusted or verified.

It is advised to be cautious when considering purchasing synthetic urine from these types of websites.

Brands to avoid

Several fake pee brands have a reputation for being low quality.

These brands tend to be cheaper, but the quality is not good and the success rate is low.

Avoid these brands to increase your chances of success in passing a drug test:

  • Magnum
  • Agent X
  • Synthetix5
  • U Pass
  • Urine Luck

By following these guidelines and avoiding poor-quality brands, you can increase your chances of success when using synthetic urine.

Remember always to check the quality of synthetic urine and verify that it meets the necessary standards before using it.

Types of tests you can pass

Dipstick validity check

A dipstick test serves as a quick and straightforward method for checking the validity of a urine sample.

This test evaluates the urine sample’s pH, specific gravity, and temperature, marking it as invalid if the measures do not fall within specified ranges.

Synthetic urine has the potential to pass this test, provided it aligns with the appropriate pH, specific gravity, and temperature ranges.

Immunoassay level analysis

Immunoassay tests come into play when there’s a need to screen for the presence of drugs in an individual’s system.

These tests commonly act as the initial step in the drug testing process. Synthetic urine can easily clear an immunoassay test.

Gas chromatography test

A gas chromatography test stands as a more sophisticated drug testing method capable of detecting even minute traces of drugs in a urine sample.


How reliable is fake pee?

Synthetic urine is often seen as the most reliable method for passing a urine test. High-quality synthetic urine closely resembles real urine to the extent that labs find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

The sole way to fail a urine test while using synthetic urine is by submitting it at an incorrect temperature.

It’s crucial to opt for synthetic urine accompanied by reliable heating devices to ensure the temperature remains accurate.

Can you reheat synthetic urine multiple times?

Yes, you can reheat synthetic urine multiple times. However, remember to use the urine within 24 hours after opening it, or freeze it for longer storage.

Bacteria begin to grow when the temperature of the urine rises, so it’s advisable not to heat the urine more than 3 times.

How long does synthetic urine last once heated?

The duration for which synthetic urine retains its heat depends on the environmental temperature and storage conditions.

For example, if you place it close to your body after heating, it will maintain the body temperature as long as it remains close. If stored in a pocket, it will lose its temperature faster.

What labs can detect synthetic urine?

Only labs that perform gas chromatography drug tests can theoretically detect synthetic urine. However, such tests are rare and expensive. They are typically conducted as confirmatory tests if an initial test returns a positive result.

How long does fake urine last after being opened?

It’s recommended to use synthetic urine within 24 hours of opening. To extend its shelf life, you can refrigerate or freeze it for up to 6 months.

Can you freeze fake urine?

While it’s possible to freeze synthetic urine, it’s not advised. Freezing may alter its chemical composition, rendering the synthetic urine unusable.

Can the test detect synthetic urine?

Only low-quality synthetic urine can be detected through lab tests. By choosing a high-quality brand of synthetic urine, detection can be evaded.

Picking a reputable brand that comes highly recommended by experts is pivotal for achieving the best possible results.

How do labs test for fake pee?

To detect synthetic urine, labs employ a multi-step process. Initially, the urine undergoes a visual inspection for any indications of synthetic or adulterated urine.

Unnatural color, absence of bubbles, or an odd smell are red flags for synthetic urine.

Following this, urine adulteration strips are used to ascertain if the creatinine and specific gravity of the urine fall within the normal range.

These strips also reveal the presence of any adulterants in the urine.

Lastly, a panel drug test is performed on the urine to check for drug metabolites.

High-quality synthetic urine can effortlessly pass all these tests.

Is synthetic pee unisex?

Yes, synthetic urine is suitable for use by individuals of any gender.

How much synthetic urine do I need?

A urine test requires a minimum of 1 oz of urine (1.5 oz for a U.S. Department of Transportation collection). Adhering to the instructions provided with the synthetic urine is vital to ensure the correct amount is utilized.

Typically, this test is employed as a confirmation test following a positive immunoassay result.

While passing a gas chromatography test with synthetic urine proves more challenging compared to the other tests, some of the top synthetic urine brands on the market are engineered to clear even this highly sensitive test.