Pass Your Drug Test with Ease: Top Female Urine Substitution Devices

Adrian Bennett

By Dr. Adrian Bennett

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology

Updated on 2024 May 30

Let’s face it: the idea of a urine drug test can be scary. For many of us, it’s a big hurdle that stands between us and our dream job. It feels clinical and like an invasion of privacy.

I remember my first drug test. I was full of anxiety and uncertainty, even though I had no reason to worry.

The stakes are high, and it’s not just about passing or failing. The fear comes from knowing you could be searched before the test.

Getting caught trying to cheat a drug test can have serious consequences.

You could lose a job opportunity or face legal trouble.

A friend of mine, let’s call her Jane, went through this. She had a great job offer but knew she would fail the drug test because of her medication.

Jane decided to use a friend’s clean urine. Sadly, she was caught, and the job offer was taken away.

There’s a way to face these tests with confidence, knowing you have a foolproof plan.

I’m here to tell you about the best female urine substitution devices on the market. These devices let you hold fake urine and bring it to the test discreetly, so you can pass without fear of being caught.

In the next sections, I’ll explain these devices, talk about their pros and cons, and share personal stories to help you choose wisely.

Remember, knowledge is power. So let’s empower you to face that drug test without fear.

Don’t have the time to read it all? Here are the key takeaways:

Incognito Belt

Discreet and reliable. “All-inclusive” solution that is easy to sneak into a drug test.


Sub Solution

Powdered urine with heat activator powder as a heating method. Good price.


What is the Whizzinator

When it comes to urine substitution devices, you might have heard of the Whizzinator.

It’s a well-known name in the field, designed to help individuals sneak fake or synthetic urine into a drug test.

But here’s the catch: the Whizzinator was originally designed with males in mind. This is a crucial point to remember, as the design and functionality of these devices often hinge on the anatomy of the user.

So where does this leave females in need of a reliable solution? That’s what I aim to address in this piece. It’s important to understand that the market offers a range of devices tailored to our unique needs.

These devices, often overlooked in a male-dominated discussion, deserve our attention.

In the following sections, I’ll be exploring these female-friendly urine substitution devices. I’ll discuss their features, how they work, and share insights from personal stories to help you choose the right one. Our goal here is not to promote any specific brand, but to provide you with objective, useful information.

The Process of a Urine Drug Test

When you step into a drug testing facility, you’ll be asked to register and fill out a form.

The collector might search your pockets, but they can’t touch you intimately. Then, you’ll be asked to provide a urine sample. A minimum of 30 mL of urine (45 mL for a U.S. Department of Transportation collection) is required.

Depending on the circumstances, the drug test might be:

Unsupervised: During this drug test, you’ll be in a private bathroom. You’ll need to pee in a urine cup. These tests are the most common. They are done during pre-employment and other situations.

For this type of drug test, you only need a bottle of urine and a way to discreetly sneak it into the testing facility.

Supervised or directly observed drug test: This is the hardest test to pass. During this test, the drug collector will watch you pee in a cup. You’ll also need to pull down your pants, skirt, and underwear. This is to make sure you have nothing on your waist to cheat the drug test.

These tests are very rare. They are done by court request or if you were caught trying to cheat during a regular drug test.

The only way to pass this directly observed drug test with clean or synthetic urine is to use an insertion device. But trying to cheat such a test is extremely risky. A lot can go wrong, and you’ll face serious legal consequences.

I’ll tell you about devices that can help you do that, but I really don’t recommend it. There’s a legal and safe way to pass a supervised drug test by using detox kits, which we explained here: THC Detox Explained by a Healthcare Professional: Techniques, Kits and Drinks That Work.

However, as I said, later in this article, I’ll tell you about such insertion devices too.

What Kind of Device Do You Need?

First of all, this device must include high-quality synthetic urine. Modern drug test labs can detect low-quality synthetic urine using urine check strips and similar methods. So, make sure the urine in your kit has the best formula, identical to real human urine, especially if the outcome of the drug test is important to you.

While you might be tempted to use someone else’s clean urine, I don’t recommend it. First, it’s unhygienic. Second, you can’t be sure if the urine is truly free of drug metabolites. Lastly, urine spoils quickly and might not be viable by the time you submit it. Is risking a life-changing job opportunity worth it?

Next, your device must have a reliable heating option. Urine temperature is the first thing checked during your drug test. It’s checked right when you give the sample to the collector. This is the main reason why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine. You need a reliable method, like a heating pad, to keep it warm enough for the drug test. The required temperature is 90-100°F.

Lastly, the kit you choose must have a way to sneak the urine into the drug testing facility. Before the drug test, you’ll need to empty your pockets, so you can’t put the bottle of urine in your pocket. You need to hide it somewhere else on your body. You can hide it in your crotch area or in your bra, but that’s not convenient. There are better options that I’ll show below.

So, taking all the above points in mind, I selected the best devices for women to pass a drug test confidently.

Top 4 Female Urine Substitution Devices

Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a Belt

incognito belt

Among the most popular choices for both supervised and unsupervised drug tests, the Incognito Belt offers an unmatched balance of price and features. It’s the most user-friendly and discreet synthetic urine kit available.


  • The belt is adjustable with Velcro, making it easy to wear discreetly under clothing for waist sizes up to 48″.
  • It comes with premixed, high-quality synthetic urine that can be used twice, saving you the trouble of mixing your own.
  • Detailed instructions and two heat pads are included to help maintain the urine at body temperature, crucial for passing a drug test.
  • A rubber tube and a convenient clip make it easy to deliver the urine when required.
    It’s a trusted product, with users successfully passing drug tests since 2003.


  • The cost is a bit high, making it the second most expensive brand in this category.

The Urinator

The Urinator is another high-quality choice, which includes a discreet belt and top-grade synthetic urine.

The unique feature is an electronic heating device that maintains the urine at the correct temperature.


  • The kit includes high-quality synthetic urine, saving you the trouble of finding it separately.
  • A computerized digital controller is part of the package. This gadget maintains the right temperature, ensuring your sample isn’t rejected because it’s too cold or hot.
  • The product is from a reputable company known for its quality and reliability.


  • The price is on the higher side, which might make it less appealing for some.
  • You need to practice using it at home, and get comfortable with the device before taking it to a testing situation.

Quick Luck with Stash Leg Belt

clear choice quick luck synthetic urine

Quick Luck is the highest quality synthetic urine with one of the best formulas on the market. The urine in this kit is top quality and will pass all validity checks, including UrineCheck. It contains enough urine for two uses, so you can pass two tests.

This kit has a shelf life of up to two years, so you can store it for future drug tests. You can also freeze and reheat it multiple times.

It doesn’t include a stealth solution to sneak it into the drug test, so you should place it in your crotch area or bra. You can also use it with the stash leg belt and put it on your leg. However, doing this will bring the price close to the Incognito Belt, so I suggest using the Incognito Belt instead.

This kit comes with high-quality heating pads that provide the exact temperature required for the urine. They will not overheat it like regular hand warmers. The urine bottle has a temperature strip attached, so you can check the temperature anytime.

It also comes with heat activator powder. This powder heats the urine within seconds. You can use it to warm the urine quickly just before entering the drug testing facility. Then, all you need to do is hide it on your body, close to your skin, and you are good to go.


Cupid is a device that goes a step further in discretion: it’s designed to be placed inside your body. This makes it the perfect choice for observed drug tests where maximum discretion is required.


  • Its extreme discretion is a major selling point. You can use it with confidence even in the most stringent testing situations.
  • The product consistently garners positive reviews, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.


  • The device doesn’t come with synthetic urine, which you’ll need to source separately.
  • The price is on the higher side, making it a less appealing option if you’re on a tight budget.

DIY Female Urine Substitution Device

I’ve heard about individuals turning to homemade or “DIY” urine substitution devices when faced with the anxiety of drug tests.

One method I’ve come across involves using a visine bottle, filled with clean urine, and hidden inside the body. This approach, however, is fraught with significant drawbacks.

For instance, before submitting the sample, the cap of the bottle needs to be removed. This could look quite suspicious during an observed drug test. Furthermore, the risk of failure with DIY methods is high, often due to temperature inconsistencies and an unreliable delivery system.

From my perspective, considering the serious repercussions of a failed drug test – think job loss and legal consequences – it’s better to steer clear of DIY solutions. The gravity of these tests calls for a reliable and tested device, not a makeshift one.

DIY Cupid Mini urine kit

  1. Find a travel soap bottle from a dollar store. These bottles have a non-straight shape, which helps prevent them from slipping out when you sit down to pee.
  2. Rinse the bottle thoroughly to ensure cleanliness.
  3. Use hot glue to attach a piece of aluminum foil over the bottle’s mouth. This foil will later be pierced to release the urine.
  4. Apply hot glue around the bottle’s threads to ensure a complete seal. Trim off any excess foil.
  5. Test the donor urine for cross-contamination before sealing the bottle. Avoid touching anything that might contaminate your sample. Wash your hands and use fresh towels.
  6. Practice using this setup until you feel comfortable. Remember, the nurse will be observing your behavior for signs of nervousness.

Putting urine in a condom for a drug test

  1. Fill a condom with the appropriate urine.
  2. Insert the filled condom into your vagina.
  3. Attach a pin or a small piece of razor blade to one of your fingernails. This will be used to puncture the condom.
  4. When ready to provide your sample, carefully poke or cut the condom to allow the urine to fill the container.
  5. Practice is key. Make sure you can perform this action smoothly and without drawing attention.

My Recommendations

If the outcome of the drug test is really important to you, and you need the ultimate solution that includes everything, definitely choose the Incognito Belt. This belt comes with high-quality synthetic urine, reliable heating pads, and a stealthy design that makes it easy to hide. It’s designed to keep the urine at the perfect temperature, ensuring you pass your test.

If you are okay with walking with a stash leg belt on, you can use Sub Solution with the stash leg belt. The stash leg belt is a discreet way to carry the urine, keeping it hidden and at the right temperature. Sub Solution also includes heat activator powder for quick heating.

If you don’t want to use the stash leg belt, you can put the bottle in your crotch area. This method works but can be less convenient. Always make sure the urine stays warm enough to pass the temperature check.

No matter which option you choose, make sure you practice using the device to ensure everything goes smoothly during your test.