Clear Choice Incognito Belt Review & How to Use it For Passing a Drug Test

Adrian Bennett

By Dr. Adrian Bennett

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology

Updated on 2023 May 19

The Incognito Belt is a sleek and clever solution for those needing to pass a drug test.

Imagine this: you’re about to take a drug test, and they ask you to empty your pockets and remove extra clothing. What can you do? You can’t hide a bottle of synthetic urine in your pocket.

The Incognito Belt is a synthetic urine kit for situations like this.

This kit has everything you need to pass a urine drug test without worry:

  • High-quality synthetic urine, just like real urine.
  • A reliable way to keep the urine warm.
  • A discreet belt to sneak the urine into the test facility.

I’ll unbox the Incognito Belt and give you an honest review.

I’ll tell you the good and the bad. I’ll also provide a complete guide on how to use it effectively.

incognito belt in a box

What’s in the box

The box contains a urine bag with synthetic urine that is identical to natural urine.

clear choice incognito belt urine bag

This urine will pass both the drug test and the validity test. I checked it with a specimen validity test, and all the components are within the normal range. Labs cannot tell that this urine is synthetic because it passes all the latest tests.

There are 3.5 ounces of urine, enough for two uses for DOT drug tests or three uses for other tests that require one ounce. If needed, you can refill the bag, which I will explain later.

The urine bag has a tube with two clips. To use the kit, close both clips and cut the end of the tube. In the drug test bathroom, unzip the zipper, open the clip, and the urine will flow into the cup. It’s that easy.

tube clip

Now, let’s move to the adjustable Velcro belt. This belt allows you to fix the urine bag on your waist, keeping it undetectable. Before the drug test, you will be required to empty your pockets and remove extra clothes like coats and hats. You cannot just put the urine bottle in your pocket.

clear choice incognito belt velcro strap

The Velcro belt lets you place the urine bag discreetly on your waist so the drug test collector will not notice it. You can see in the picture below how it’s placed on the body. As you see, it’s totally unnoticeable.

The belt fits up to a 48-inch waist and is soft, so it doesn’t cause discomfort while wearing. Another great feature is that it keeps the urine bag close to your skin, warming the urine to body temperature. You just need to wear the belt for 15-30 minutes.

As a backup, there are two heat pads to keep the urine warm. These heat pads produce the exact amount of heat required to keep the urine at body temperature. Unlike hand warmers, these heat pads don’t make the urine too hot, so you can be confident that the urine will be at the right temperature. These heat pads keep the urine warm for up to 10 hours.

clear choice incognito belt heat pad

The urine bag has a temperature strip, so you can check that the temperature is correct before submitting your sample. The design of the bag and the tubes is leakproof and robust, so it will not leak under your clothes.

urine bag with temperature strip


The main downside is the price. It costs $135.

Another downside for me is the heat pads. I don’t think they are necessary. The belt itself keeps the urine at body temperature. Clear Choice could remove the heat pads and make the kit more affordable.

However, for this price, you get everything you need to pass the test with fake urine. Buying each component separately would cost the same or more.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the urine. Clear Choice has been on the market for more than 20 years, and their urine is really identical to human urine. I’ve seen similar Chinese belts for low prices, but the quality of their urine is doubtful.

Consider if the outcome of the drug test is important to you. If it’s for a life-changing job opportunity or something else important, the price is well worth it.

Who is not for

The Incognito Belt may not be the best choice for you for several reasons:

If you are facing a directly observed drug test, you’ll need to remove your pants and shirt, so the drug test collector will see the Incognito Belt on your waist. There’s no way to pass a directly observed drug test with synthetic urine, so use detox kits instead.

If you are okay with hiding a urine bottle in your crotch area, you can use another synthetic urine kit like Quick Luck and hide the bottle in your pants. This will save you some money. However, I don’t like doing this because I don’t feel comfortable walking with a urine bottle in my crotch area. There’s always a risk it will fall out.

If you know they will not test the urine for validity, you can just use some cheap urine from the store, which will work and save you money.

How to use the incognito belt

The instructions in the booklet are clear. They even include a phone number in case you need help.

Here are the instructions. Later in this review, I’ll explain how to use it correctly, avoid common mistakes, and provide tips for first-time users.

incognito belt placement on a waist

  1. Open the heat pad and remove the adhesive backing.
  2. Shake the heat pad a few times to activate it.
  3. Stick the heat pad to the bladder bag, between the belt and the urine pouch.
  4. Wrap the Incognito Belt around your waist under all your clothing. Make sure the temperature strip touches your skin and the drain tube points down.
  5. Close the white clips and cut the end of the tube.
  6. Wear loose clothing. The Incognito Belt is discreet, but it’s safer to wear loose clothes to avoid suspicion.
  7. In the drug testing room, unfasten the white clips to drain the contents.

Incognito Belt vs Urinator

The only alternative with similar features is the Urinator.

The Urinator has an electronic heating device. It heats the urine to the required temperature and keeps it warm for up to four hours. Another advantage of the Urinator is that it is refillable. You can refill it with synthetic or other clean urine many times. If you need to pass drug tests often, this might be a better option.

The price is higher at $170 compared to $135. You also need to buy batteries separately. The Urinator is bulkier than the Incognito Belt because of the electronic heating device and batteries, so you need more space on your body to hide it.

Update 2024: The Urinator is no longer sold. The website selling it appears unreliable, and we do not recommend using it.

While the electronic heater is great for maintaining urine temperature, you don’t really need it. The Incognito Belt keeps the urine close to your body, so the urine temperature matches your body temperature. The Urinator being refillable is a nice feature, but considering the significant price difference, you should think carefully about whether it’s worth it.

Incognito Belt vs Quick Luck

quick luck synthetic urine

Another alternative to the Incognito Belt is using synthetic urine with a stash leg belt. Quick Luck is a premixed urine with one of the best formulas on the market. It comes with heat activator powder that allows you to heat the urine to body temperature within seconds and heat pads to keep the urine warm for up to six hours.

The Incognito Belt requires about 15 – 30 minutes to heat up to body temperature using a heating pad. That’s a point for Quick Luck.

The stash leg belt allows you to place the urine bottle discreetly on your leg. However, using a stash leg belt is less convenient because it is placed on your leg and can be uncomfortable to walk with.

stash leg belt on thigh

The Incognito Belt is very discreet and convenient on the waist and easy to use.

The price for the Quick Luck with Stash Leg Belt kit is $135, while the Incognito Belt costs $130. As you can see, the price is even higher.

You can use Sub Solution instead of Quick Luck to save some money. But Sub Solution doesn’t come with heat pads, so you will need to find a way to keep the urine warm. You can do that by placing the urine bottle close to your body, like in your crotch area or bra. However, that’s not very convenient.

The Incognito Belt requires some time to warm the urine to the required temperature, approximately half an hour. While Quick Luck or Sub Solution can be heated to body temperature within seconds with heat activator powder.

So, if you need a solution that can be used within minutes, Quick Luck or Sub Solution with a stash leg belt should be your choice. But if you are looking for an all-in-one solution that is convenient to use, the Incognito Belt is definitely your choice.


The Incognito Belt is a perfect all-in-one solution for passing a urine drug test. The urine is high quality and will pass the visual check, validity test, and drug test.

With the Incognito Belt, it’s easy to keep the urine warm enough for a drug test. It is completely discreet, so you can bring it to the test facility without being noticed.

If you need an all-inclusive solution to pass a urine drug test, the Incognito Belt is definitely your best choice.


How discreet is the packaging and shipping of the Incognito Belt?

The Incognito Belt is shipped in plain, unmarked boxes, ensuring complete discretion. There is no branding or labeling on the packaging, so no one will know what’s inside. This helps maintain your privacy and prevents any unwanted attention.

Is it safe to microwave the Incognito Belt to warm it up?

No, it is not safe to microwave the Incognito Belt. Microwaving can damage the materials and affect the synthetic urine’s quality. It is best to use the provided heating pads or body heat to warm the urine to the correct temperature.

How long does the provided heating pad keep the urine at the required temperature?

The provided heating pad can keep the urine at the required temperature for up to six hours. This ensures that the urine stays warm throughout the duration of your test appointment, giving you peace of mind and reducing the risk of temperature issues.

Can the temperature strip on the belt be trusted for accuracy during critical moments?

Yes, the temperature strip on the belt is reliable and accurate. It helps you ensure that the urine is at the correct temperature before submitting your sample. Checking the strip right before the test will give you confidence in the urine’s temperature.

Does the Incognito Belt make any noise, such as sloshing, that might give away its presence during the test?

No, the Incognito Belt is designed to be completely discreet, including being noise-free. The materials used are sturdy and well-sealed, preventing any sloshing sounds that might give away its presence during the test.

Does the Incognito Belt come with enough synthetic urine for multiple uses?

Yes, the Incognito Belt comes with 3.5 ounces of synthetic urine, which is enough for multiple uses. This amount can cover two uses for DOT drug tests or three uses for other drug tests that require only one ounce per sample.