In-Depth Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

Adrian Bennett

By Dr. Adrian Bennett

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacology

Updated on 2024 May 30

In this post, I’ll review Clear Choice Quick Luck synthetic urine. It’s a popular synthetic urine kit used to pass a drug test. The formula of the synthetic urine in this kit is considered the best on the market, identical to real urine. However, this kit has its downsides, which I’ll discuss here.

I got this kit, and I’ll unbox it and test if it really passes a urine validity test and if it can be used for passing a drug test.

I didn’t find any reviews that it had failed a drug test or validity test. I’ll also tell the pros and cons of this kit.

clear choice quick luck synthetic urine

Kit contents

First, the synthetic urine comes in a pre-mixed form, which is perfect when you need it ready fast. You don’t need time to mix it. The urine can be frozen and reheated multiple times, so you can store it for future use. There’s enough urine for two tests.

quick luck temperature strip

Let’s test if this urine is really like human urine. For this test, I’ve got professional medical urinalysis strips that show the amount of different components in the urine. Using them, we can determine if the urine parameters are within the normal range.

You can see the results in the photo below. All parameters are within the normal range, meaning that the urine will pass the validity test and the lab cannot tell that this urine is synthetic.

quick luck urine validity test

The bottle with the urine comes with a temperature strip. This helps you check if the temperature is right before submitting the sample. It’s convenient.

The bottle also has a replaceable flip-up spout cap.

spout cap

That’s an important feature, and here’s why. Imagine you’re in a drug testing bathroom. You’re nervous, and the situation is stressful. You need to unscrew the cap, pour the urine into the test cup, and then screw the cap back on.

You have only four minutes to submit the sample. In a nervous situation, this can be a problem, and you might spill the urine. With the flip-up spout cap, you just need to flip it up, pour the urine into the cup, and flip it down. It’s easy. The cap is spill-proof and won’t spill in your pocket or wherever you hide the urine.

Next, let’s go to the heating option.

The wrong urine temperature is the number one reason why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine. You must make sure the urine temperature is within 90-100°F before giving the sample. We have a detailed guide on how to keep the urine warm here: Best Ways to Keep Urine Warm For a Drug Test

Quick Luck offers two heating options: heat pads and heat activator powder.

quick luck heating options


The heat activator powder should be added to the urine, and it heats the urine within seconds. For me, this powder is useless, and I’ll explain why in the next section about downsides.

The included heat pads are great. Other cheap kits include hand warmers that produce more heat because they are designed to warm hands. Such hand warmers can overheat the urine. The heat pads that come with Quick Luck contain less heating material.

They produce the exact amount of heat required for keeping the urine within the required 90-100°F temperature range. They will warm the urine from room temperature to 95°F in about 15-30 minutes.

Another advantage of these heat pads is their sticky adhesive side. You can just stick them to the bottle, and they won’t come off in your pocket. With hand warmers, you need to use a rubber band for that.

quick luck with heat pad attached


The main downside I see is the heat activator powder. I don’t find it useful.

It should be added to the urine and warms it within seconds. But that’s not convenient at all.

First, if you decide to do this in the drug testing bathroom, it’s a bad idea. You will be limited on time and the situation is stressful. You need to measure the exact amount. If you add too much, the urine will overheat.

Think about how you will get the bottle with this powder to the drug testing bathroom. First, you need a place to hide the bottle with the urine.

Then, you need extra space to hide the heat activator powder. You cannot keep it in your pocket because you will need to empty your pockets before going to the drug test bathroom.

The only use I see for this powder is quickly preheating the urine before entering the drug test facility when you don’t have a microwave and have a sudden drug test.

Then, you can apply the heat pad. But if you have 15-30 minutes before the test, applying the heat pad will be enough.

To sum it up, the downside is that the situations where heat activator powder is useful are very rare. Clear Choice could make the kit cheaper by removing this powder. But that’s just my opinion.

How to use Quick Luck to pass a drug test

Once the safety seal is broken, the urine will start growing bacteria within a couple of days. Do not break the safety seal until the day you need to use it.

Once the seal is broken, you can change the cap for the spout cap provided. This cap closely resembles the flow of real urine when poured.

The urine should be heated to an optimal temperature between 94°F and 100°F using a heating pad.

If you don’t have much time before your drug test, you can quickly preheat the urine with heat activator powder.

  • Just open the vial with powder and add one-third of it to the bottle of urine.
  • Shake it gently and check the temperature strip.
  • If the temperature is not enough, add a little more powder and shake gently again.

When the temperature is good (see image below), use the heat pad.

Open the heat pad, and it will activate when air gets in. Remove the protective paper from it. Use the adhesive side to attach the heat pad to the urine bottle on the opposite side of the temperature strip.

Next, put the urine bottle in a discreet place on your body. It can be the scrotum area or a bra. You can use a stash leg belt or stash boxers for more convenience and discreetness.

stash leg belt on thigh

Remember, you cannot put the bottle in your pocket because you will be asked to empty your pockets before the drug test!

Once in the drug testing bathroom, take a deep breath and don’t panic.

  • Take out the bottle and check the temperature.
  • Open the flip-up spout cap and pour half of the bottle into the drug testing cup.
  • Close the flip-up spout cap and hide the bottle.
  • Give the drug testing cup to the collector as soon as possible.

Now, let me compare Quick Luck with other popular synthetic urines so you can have alternative options.

Quick Luck vs Quick Fix

quick luck vs quick fix

Quick Fix is a budget brand. It costs less than half the price of Quick Luck at just $40 for the small 3 oz size, enough urine for two uses. Quick Luck costs $110.

With Quick Fix, you get a very basic formula. It contains urea and uric acid. It has the right proportion of creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity. It looks like urine. It’s good enough as long as it seems normal. I’m not sure if it will pass the validity check by the lab. You get one heat pad as the heat source.

With Quick Luck, you get a premium formula that definitely passes the validity test. Think about whether you want to take that risk.

The price for Quick Fix is good. If nothing else is available or you need to buy locally, it’s the best option you will find. But compared to Quick Luck, if you have the money, then there is only one you should consider.

Quick Luck vs Sub Solution

quick luck vs sub solution

Urine in Sub Solution is the same as in Quick Luck. The difference is that it’s in powder form. You need clean water and some time to prepare it.

I prefer pre-mixed urine. However, powdered urine is easy to store, while pre-mixed urine needs to be stored in the fridge after opening.

Sub Solution comes only with heat activator powder. I don’t understand why they don’t include a heating pad. As I said, heat activator powder is hard to use in the drug testing bathroom. You can use it only to preheat the urine quickly.

This is okay if you plan to keep the urine bottle in the scrotum area where body heat will keep it warm. The bottle also comes with a temperature strip so you can check if the temperature is right for a drug test.

The price of Sub Solution is lower than Quick Luck at $95. However, Sub Solution lacks heating pads, which is odd, in my opinion.

So, if you ask my recommendation, it is Quick Luck. But if you are okay with heat activator powder and can keep the urine warm with body heat, you can save some money and use Sub Solution.


Quick Luck is a great option for passing a urine drug test. It includes premium quality synthetic urine and reliable heating options. It is convenient to use even under the stress of the drug testing bathroom.

It’s not cheap, but it passed even the latest lab synthetic urine check, so you can be confident during your drug test. If you want an all-inclusive solution that includes a discreet way to sneak urine to the drug test, check the Incognito Belt.

If you are okay with hiding the bottle in the scrotum area or have another solution to sneak urine to the drug test, then Quick Luck is definitely worth it.


Can you reheat synthetic urine multiple times?

Yes, you can reheat synthetic urine multiple times. It’s designed to be durable and can withstand reheating without losing its properties. You can freeze and reheat it several times, which allows you to store it for future use. Always check the temperature before using it for a drug test to ensure it’s within the required range.

How long does synthetic urine last once heated?

Once heated, synthetic urine can maintain its temperature for a few hours, especially if you use a heating pad. However, it is best to use it within four hours to ensure it stays at the right temperature. If it cools down, you may need to reheat it to keep it in the ideal temperature range of 94°F to 100°F.

Where to buy Quick Luck synthetic urine?

You can buy Quick Luck synthetic urine from various online retailers and specialty stores that sell drug test products. It’s important to purchase from reputable sources to ensure you get a genuine product. Some popular places to buy include the official Clear Choice website and other trusted online vendors. Always check reviews and ratings to ensure you’re buying from a reliable seller.